Missional Eco Systems


We proclaim Grace and truth to prevail over the people of our city and our region

We announce a season of chains of oppression to be broken, and our Spiritual inheritance to be restored in lives, homes and every sphere of society. This will be a city and region where Jesus Christ is acknowledged as Lord and we see an end to selfish agendas.

This will be a city and region where crime is reduced and we see an end to violence and bloodshed. We declare freedom from every form of injustice. Young and old will walk the streets in safety.

We declare that this city will become a place of development, employment & industry. A city that will attract international investment and businesses that will operate with integrity,

A city of shelter, where the orphan and the lonely are placed in families. This region will be known as a great place to grow up, and a great place to grow old.

We are a city and region that honours its history, respects its environment and leaves a legacy for generations to come. This will be a city and region known for faithfulness, truth & justice.

We speak blessing over this city and declare that every area will be touched by God’s love. We proclaim creative solutions to be found for the city’s challenges. We proclaim health and healing, peace & prosperity, freedom & creativity.

We declare that this will be a city and region where Christ is honoured and many people will turn to God. Where everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow to become all that God has created them to be.

The God who has been Our Help in Ages past will be our hope for the future! We proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord over our city and Region. AMEN