Missional Individual

As leaders we have to equip our people to become City Changers. For new believers begin with Grow. For the rest the “Life as a City Changer” program will take them through the nine themes described in the image above. It starts with Knowing God and ends with Impacting my World. The Life as a City Changer booklet can be used by individuals or small groups to work through the 9 themes in a practical life changing program.

Nine Message Themes

People are the key to changing cities. Everything we do is for this purpose alone: Raising and equipping people who are City Changers. City Changers will be developed when we focus on the 3 core message themes of Knowing God, Loving People and Impacting my world.


To mature in Knowing God a City Changer has to be taught what it means to find his or her identity in Christ; the joy of Intimacy with our Lord; and how that finds expression in a life of Integrity.


Excelling in Loving People is cultivated by developing Compassion for people, understanding our Calling and discovering our unique Contribution to the Kingdom of God.


City Changers will impact their world when they discover a Worldview where Christ is Lord of all, their perspective of Work is aligned and how Wholeness can come to our cities when we understand our role in impacting culture.