This item contains three (3) DVDs, which includes the twelve (12) teaching sessions, as well as one original workbook.


Be sure to also order the full-colour, 64-page, Not Do But Done workbooks (one per participant) – the companion piece to the Not Do But Done Small Group DVD. See Related Products for details.

Not Do But Done

It is highly recommended that your local church facilitate the full Not Do But Done church campaign. All the tools, along with highly sponsored pricing, are available for entire churches doing the church campaign. Click here for Not Do But Done church campaign information.

This option is intended for one-off small groups and personal study.


Each small group participant should have their own original workbook. You need at least one original Not Do But Done Small Group DVD per small group. No duplication of the workbook nor the DVD is permitted.


Many people, including some that have been Christians for a long time, struggle to understand the full implications of the Gospel. They believe they still need to do something, to perform in some way, to receive the favour and acceptance of God.

The biggest revelation that a person can discover is that you are included in the completed work of Christ. There is nothing more you can do to be saved and live in abundance, because it’s done! This is the essence of the Gospel – the good news that is really good.

Not Do But Done will help you understand the full implications of your inheritance in Christ, and establish the foundation of your journey of faith as you discover that you are in Christ – that you have died with Christ and was raised with Him into new life.

Not Do But Done. 8 powerful sessions and 4 optional bonus sessions.


Session 1: It is Finished!

Session 2: God’s Great Mystery

Session 3: You’re No Sinner!

Session 4: No More Effort

Session 5: Heirs of a New Testament

Session 6: Mixing the Old Covenant with the NT

Session 7: Christ is the Key

Session 8: Enter the Rest

Session 9: My Gospel

Session 10: Away with Guilt and Shame

Session 11: Live as a New Man

Session 12: Favoured by God

Dit Is Volbring

Dit word sterk aanbeveel dat u plaaslike kerk die volle ‘Dit is Volbring!’ church campaign fasiliteer. Al die hulpbronne, tesame met hoogs geborgde pryse, is beskikbaar vir hele kerke wat die church campaign doen. Besoek hier vir verdere ‘Dit is Volbring!’ church campaign inligting.

Hierdie opsie is bedoel vir eenmalige kleingroepe en persoonlike studie.


Elke kleingroep deelnemer moet hul eie oorspronklike werkboek hê. U benodig ten minste een oorspronklike ‘Dit is Volbring!’ kleingroep DVD per klein groep. Geen duplisering van die werkboek of die DVD word toegelaat nie.


Baie mense, seifs mense wat lank Christene is, sukkel met die gedagte dat hulle nog steeds iets moet doen, moet presteer, om God se glimlag, God se genade en God se aanvaarding oor hulle lewe te beleef.

Dit is die grootste ontdekking wat ‘n mens kan maak wanneer jy ontdek dat jy ingesluit is in die afgehandelde werk van Christus en dat Christus alles vir jou gedoen het wat jy nodig het om verlos te word en in oorvloed te leef.

‘Dit is Volbring!’ help mense om te verstaan hoe om hulle lewe te leef vanuit die afgehandelde werk van Christus, vanuit die ontdekking dat jy in Christus Jesus is, dat jy saam met Hom gesterf het en saam met Hom opgestaan het in ‘n nuwe lewe.

Dit is Volbring! 8 kragtige onderrig sessies en 4 opsionele bonus sessies.

Sessie 1: Dit is Volbring!

Sessie 2: God se groot geheim

Sessie 3: Jy’s nie ’n sondaar nie

Sessie 4: Bevry van my eie poging

Sessie 5: Erfgename van ’n Nuwe Testament

Sessie 6: Meng jy nog die ou verbond en die Nuwe Testament?

Sessie 7: Christus is die sleutel

Sessie 8: Betree die rus

Sessie 9: Mý evangelie

Sessie 10: Weg met skuld en skaamte

Sessie 11: Leef soos ’n nuwe mens

Sessie 12: God se gunsgenote

Hierdie item bevat drie (3) DVDs, wat 8 onderrig sessies en 4 opsionele bonus sessies insluit, sowel as ‘n oorspronklike werksboek.


Maak seker dat u ook die volkleur, 64-bladsy, ‘Dit is Volbring!’ werksboek (een per deelnemer) bestel – die metgeselstuk tot die ‘Dit is Volbring!’ kleingroep DVD. Sien ‘Related Products’ vir verdere besonderhede.